It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to invest in a new planner or calendar. Excel is a hub of different features and functions. They provide a  full package of setup that makes your work easier and behind surprising us with its new features and formats. So, if you have known that you can use a high multi-made calendar template in Microsoft Excel, then you have visited the right place.

Learn About New Features

We are here, going to learn some interesting and important things about these features. The right calendar system is essential for effective time management and organization that Microsoft office has offered to its users.


Thus Microsoft office has offered this amazing experience to the users for the past few years. Does not matter where you are and what you do, they manage all tasks and events in a perfect way to do.


This is the high multi-made calendar template available which makes it easy to use for its users to manage and schedule their other tasks as well as meetings. The 2021 calendar in Microsoft Excel can be easily used for this purpose.


Most of the important thing is that, once you create it, you don’t need to change the whole year. However, you can always create and customize your own calendar template. You wish to use one of the high multi-made templates. Some easy steps to create a new calendar template.


Here are the basic options for how to create a calendar template:

  1. Begin by open Excel and Create a new worksheet.
  2. When you appear in a  search bar, type calendar.
  3. Define the calendar borders and page setup.
  4. From more available options, choose the desired template
  5. In the end, click on the ‘create’ button.
  6. From the Developer ribbon, select Macros. Select Calendar Maker, then select Run.
  7. Add a  title and customize elements.


There are enough templates for a high multi-made calendar, yearly, monthly and weekly, and so on.

Next, we shall learn about how to customize templates that have recently been created.


Easily customize your calendar in MS Excel

On top of that, it allows to color code marked events on the calendar. In the Excel templates, you can easily change or format font color according to your desire. You can do it for upcoming tasks, events, and meetings, etc. and  Also, the logo can be added as well.


To change the font and color:
  1. For making the bolder and the title bigger, click on the title row.
  2. Now, move to the Home and click on the font size,  and you also change the font theme.
  3. Using the same Home Tab, customize the fonts accordingly.
  4. For making the change in headers, you need to highlight all the headers.
  5. On the Home tab, choose the arrow next to Font Color.
  6. Under Theme Colors or Standard Colors, choose a color.
  7. In the same way, you can change its color as well.
  8. You have to highlight all the boxes with the date.
  9. Using the same Home Tab, customize the fonts accordingly.


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