Microsoft Office is a setup of work area efficiency applications that is planned explicitly by Microsoft for business use. It is a restrictive result of Microsoft Corporation and was first delivered in 1990. For quite a long time, MS Office has been a predominant model in conveying current office-related reports dealing with programming conditions. In case you wish to avail of these premium features of the Microsoft office suite, you have to visit Microsoft Office is accessible in 35 distinct dialects and is upheld by Windows, Mac and most Linux variations.

Microsoft Office is accessible in 35 distinct dialects and is upheld by Windows, Mac and most Linux variations. 

What is the Microsoft Key?

The activation key or product key is a secured 25 digit alphanumeric code series divided into five sets of five. This activation key can be used summarily to install and activate the product with ease. One can effortlessly access more information about these product keys at

How to Search the Microsoft office Product Key?

There are two ways of getting this activation code or product key related to your particular Microsoft office product:

  1. Retail or Offline mode: If you have purchased your Microsoft office program online or retail, it will be inside your Microsoft office package. Unpack it and get the retail card inside it and then check it thoroughly for the activation code.
  2. Online Mode: If the product has been purchased via online mode, then the respective product key must be inside your mailbox that is registered with Microsoft. Check the mailbox for the 25 character activation code.

How to Setup Microsoft office Account Page?

Here is how you can create your own Microsoft office account.

  • First and foremost, launch your desired web browser on your device.
  • Then, navigate to the URL section and then enter, followed by the Enter key.
  • After that, hit the Sign-Up tab and then enter all the required information on your screen for Microsoft office.
  • Read thoroughly all the mentioned guidelines followed on the display.
  • Then, give your positive agreement by tapping the Agree tab.
  • Type MS office associated secured username and passcode to get into your account.

How to Sign in your Microsoft office Account?

Follow these steps and learn how to log into your Microsoft office account. 

  • First of all, apply double-click on a web browser to expand.
  • Then, launch a web-page related to Microsoft office.
  • After that, press the Sign-in button.
  • Type all the relevant information for accessing your account.
  • Hit the Sign-in option.
  • If you do not remember your password then you can click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to receive an email with a new password link.

How to Fetch office Activation Code from Microsoft?

Follow these steps and get the Microsoft office setup key.

  • In the beginning, enter into the Microsoft account by hitting the sign-in tab followed by entering all the asking details at “”

  • Once you have successfully entered into the Microsoft account, hit the Devices section.

  • Search the device for which you wish to retrieve the product key.

  • Then, you have to note down your product key from the system’s screen.

How to Get Microsoft Downloaded and Installed on your Device?

Follow these steps and download Microsoft office on your device.
  • In the very beginning, navigate to the office setup panel.

  • Then, type the product key into the respective section.

  • After that, hit the Sign-in tab.

  • You may opt for the process of auto-renewal of your subscription plan.

  • Once you have followed all the guidelines mentioned above, then press the tab “Get started.”

  • A license agreement section will appear for mentioning all the agreement and conditions details. Read it completely and press the “I Agree” button to abide by all the Microsoft office rules and regulations.

  • You have to pursue all the instructions followed on your device’s display.

  • Users can also add several other Microsoft office plans or products for the installation process.

  • Hit the Next option.

  • Tap on the “Send a download link” option if you are willing to get the installation package on another device. If you want to proceed with the same, then you need to provide your mail ID on which you wish to receive the installation link.

  • Finally, pursue all the followed instructions to proceed and finish the procedure of installation.


How to Install Ms office on multiple browsers on Windows?

  • Start the process by opening your Chrome web browser.
  • Now, enter the link in the address bar of Chrome.
  • A page will appear asking for the office product key.
  • Carefully enter the product key.
  • Enter your sign credentials on the next field.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Now, a list of Microsoft office products will appear.
  • Select the compatible office product and click on the ‘’Download’’ button below the product.
  • You will see the product will start downloading at the left side of the bottom of the page.
  • After the downloading, ‘’.exe’’ setup file will appear in your ‘’Downloads’’ folder.
  • Tap twice on the file to run it.
Microsoft Edge
  • Visit the Microsoft official website:
  • You will reach a webpage showing the field to enter the office product key.
  • Mention the product key and enter your email address on the space given below.
  • Log in to your Microsoft office account.
  • On the next page, you will see the list of Microsoft products.
  • Tap on the ‘’Download’’ button to start downloading the office product that you have selected.
  • Click on the ‘’save’’ option when a pop-up appears with the message to save the file. Look for the ‘’.exe’’ file on the ‘’Downloads’’ folder of your device.
  • Tap twice on the file to run the setup and complete the installation.


  • Open the Firefox browser on your device.
  • Type the URL on the address bar.
  • You will reach a page asking you to enter the Office product key.
  • Enter the office product key and your current email ID.
  • Once, you enter your Email ID, you will reach the Microsoft office account page.
  • The next page will have a list of products.
  • Select the product accordingly, and tap on the ‘’Download’’ button given below the product.
  • When a pop-up appears asking you to save the file, click on the ‘’save’’ option.

How to Install Microsoft office on Android?

Since our Smartphones have almost all the crucial data stored in it, it is important to give it the same protection that we provide to our PCs and laptops.

Follow the given instructions to install the Microsoft office Mobile app on Android Smartphones:

  • Go to the Play store app on your mobile device.
  • Look for the MS office Mobile app and install it.
  • Once you install the app, open it.
  • The first page will show the ‘’License and Services Agreement.’
  • Enter your Email address, password on the next page and login to your Microsoft office account.

Note: Make sure that you have updated your device with the latest version of Google Play Store. Or, else you will encounter trouble installing the Microsoft office Mobile app on your mobile device

How to Install Microsoft office on iPhone or iPad?

  • Go to the App Store of your iOS device.
  • Find the Microsoft office app to install.

Note: iPad users must click on the ‘’Install an iPad’’ option and then follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Proceed to download the product by clicking the ‘’Get’’ option.
  • After that, click on the ‘’Install’’ option for the installation.
  • Once you are done with the process, click on the ‘’Open’’ option and start the Excel, Power point, word and much more app.
  • Take an overview of the ‘’License and Service Agreement’’ and continue with the process.
  • Enter your email address and password on the next page and finally sign in to your Microsoft account.

How to Uninstall Microsoft office on Windows?

You must be well-versed with the uninstalling process too. There could be any reason for uninstalling Microsoft office from Windows devices. So, here are the steps to uninstall MS office from Windows:

  • Go to the ‘’Start’’ menu present on the desktop.
  • You will find the ‘’Control Panel’’
  • From there, choose the ‘’Program and Features’’
  • From the list of installed programs, select the Microsoft office product.
  • Now, click on the ‘’Uninstall’’ or ‘’remove’’ option.
  • Then, a ‘’User Account Control’’ window will appear.
  • Tap on the ‘’Yes’’ option to proceed.
  • You may choose your uninstall preference.
  • After this, MS office uninstaller will run to complete your process.
  • Finally, move ahead to start your device again.

How to Uninstall Office on Mac?

  • If you are a Mac user, go through the following set of guidelines to uninstall the Microsoft office from your devices.
  • Start the process by opening the ‘’Applications’’ folder.
  • Find the Microsoft office program there.
  • Tap twice to open the application window.
  • After that, go to the menu bar and select the MS office option from there.
  • Now, select the ‘’Uninstall Microsoft office’’
  • Then, click on the ‘’Uninstall’’ option.
  • On the next page, enter your administrator account name and password.
  • Moving on, find the ‘’Install Helper’’ tool and click on it.
  • Uninstaller will run to complete the uninstall process.
  • Finally, choose the ‘’Restart Now’’ option to restart your device.

How to Get office Activated on your Device?

Follow these steps and activate Microsoft office on your device.

  • Go to the installed setup file of Microsoft and launch it via the setup link that you have saved earlier.
  • Once the freshly installed setup is properly expanded on the screen, then hit the My Microsoft office tab.
  • After that, hit the Activate Now button.
  • Now, type the unique designated 25 character activation or product key into the respective sections.
  • Then, press the Next tab.
  • Finally, follow all the instructions displayed on your device.

Frequently asked questions

1 – Visit the official Microsoft website,
2 – Mention the correct product key.
3 – Click on the ‘’Activate’’ tab.

1 – Go to the official Microsoft office website, office setup.
2 – Log In to your Microsoft office account.
3 – Find the product and download it. Now run the file to install it.

1 – Start the process from the official Microsoft office website,
2 – Find the ‘’Sign In’’ page to create a new account.
3 – Enter the required details to create a new account.

1 – Go to the Microsoft office official website:
2 – Click the ‘’Sign In’’ option on the top right corner of the window.
3 – Tap on the option and enter your Email ID and password.


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